Queuing of passengers is waste of time and money. Analysing your Airport Departure, Security, Check-in and Arrival process and areas together with your, we will pinpoint impact in the passenger flow at the Airport. We find the bottle neck key elements that can be automated and improved on short and long term. 


When passenger is ready to depart in a departure hall or in a transit area, the Airlines Operational Process for “Boarding and Take-Off” has the passengers focus. We help you improve and optimize your logistics securing the passenger needs to pass through without Queuing and Stress and make sure the passenger got more time to concentrate on their daily business, at Home preparing and at the Airport.

On the move

We can’t do anything about delays or events caused by the airlines, trains, taxi, or roadblocks to and from the Airport. If a delay or event happens, then we will help you to improve your logistics and passenger flow to ensure that areas impacted in the airport is optimized, to ensure that the passengers comfort “on the move” is covered. Use of our Peak hour analyses helps you to be better prepared and able to optimize the Passenger Flow at the Airport.

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LeanOn is growing in several areas within the Process Management and Product Development in the Aviation Industry. We cover all within Airline Operation, Airport Operations and will cover the Passenger Flow from an end to end perspective.


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